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The Truth About Motor Oil
tires and fees how a bad shop can hurt your butt. HOLGATE FAIL.
will it sink or stay on top
MY Jeep Shakes winter issue
Is going off road for me?


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The Truth About Motor Oil

OTR spent the winter researching oil over the winter, trying to determine if there was a better oil. My research started out as are they all the same. Premiss was why spend the extra money?  This is what I have learned.

What I discovered, is that oils, both conventional out of the ground refined from crude and Synthesized or more commonly referred to as synthetic, are vastly different, in both their basestock and their additives. These differences contribute to differences in performance.

The API classifies oils into five different groups.

tires and fees how a bad shop can hurt your butt. HOLGATE FAIL.

Tire shops.
As a former purchaser for the federal government, I can say with 100% certainty nothing is assured unless it is written.

The time of year has arrived to get tires balanced after winter and get rotation done.
Some times tires wear and become out of balanced when you rotate your tires from rear axle to front axle, even after cleaning the dirt from the wheels can be out of balance.

So you require a balance job. I suspect that OTR will have it's own machine by fall.

So you head off to a tire shop that you have been too before, or one that has a community reputation.

will it sink or stay on top

Can the ground support my vehicle weight?

Well spring is coming at of St Patrick's Day 2014 we still have 2 feet of solid snow cover.

So once the snow melts and the ground clears up, when can you hit the trails?
well the trails should be able to support your vehicles weight with out causing heavy rutting. they say May 1st is when generally 4x4's can hit the trails. This year may prove to be a bit different it seems we are a month behind with our winter so it could be later before we can travel onto public trails with out leaving ruts thinking may 20th or 31st.

MY Jeep Shakes winter issue

jeep vibe

I have recently been inundated with emails and calls regarding "my jeep is shaking".

Jeep owners should be aware that driving in snow and slush with your jeep can add weight to your wheels creating an out of balance wheel tire assembly. this can leead to death wobble in the front and steering wheel. in the back wheels and tires you will feel a shake in the seat of your pants or the unoccupied passenger seat back with vibrate and girate like that date you had back when your were 17.

Is going off road for me?

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