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Welcome to our resource page where you will find links and info on use full things.

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PSAR Wallet Card.pdf (PDF — 51 KB)

PSAR-Trip-Plan.pdf (PDF — 90 KB)

Apps off the road uses and finds useful

The weather network  app
With radar and forecasts, hour to hour this is a valuable tool to use for planing and being prepared.

Garage Buddy
Great tool for automotive calculations.

Find the best gas prices around you.

keep track of you fuel expenses and related vehicle operating costs.

units conversion app

Handyman Calculator
reduce waste with your construction projects

a tool box of useful everyday apps

A tool for when you see trash on the trail but are unable to remedy the situation at that time, simply log it and post it, perhaps return another time or some other group / organization can remedy the illegal dump.

Hill Climb Racing
for when your waiting for that last person still in at the coffee shop and your convoy is on hold only a few kms away from trail head, don't get impatient, play this off road driving game.

Instant Heart Rate
Check your heart rate after doing something in your vehicle you shouldn't have, and almost costing you thousands. Off "roading" it can be physical.

Serval Mesh
It works by using your phone's Wi-Fi to communicate with other phones on the same network. Or even by forming impromptu networks consisting only of mobile phones. Mesh communications is an appropriate technology for complementing cellular networks. Think of it like two-way radio or CB radio that has been propelled into the 21st century. For truly long-range communications you will still need to make use of cellular or fixed telephone networks or the internet.

U.S. Army Field Manual FM 3-05.70 survival manual app
Have a survival manual right on your phone.

Offline mapping application , specially designed for the independent overland traveler. Allows downloading maps from Google Maps while online ,and using them offline .
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