Off The Road - off the road
This page lists service we can offer if you have a suggestion or need off the road can help with that.

Use of OTR facility for your club or group or family or just yourself.
You can rent our facility and the on site trails and obstacles to train or play with your group or club, This can be your home base for your weekend activities in Eastern Ontario while you day trip to trails or sight see the area on your own, camp in our woods or our fields.

Vehicle Rental for movie Production
We have 2 army green colored 1 matt and one polished Jeep JK wrangler 4 doors available for rent to be as usable drivable Film and TV Production Props. We also now have a Metallic slate blue 4 door available as well.

Jeep ESCORT Service
Escorted trail runs. Route Guided Tours and sight seeing runs.

Jeep Limo Service
Jeep Car service, we drive you and your group for tours on and off road top up or down, doors on or off. PEC wine tours, Art tours etc. Apple route, fall colours, on road and off road sight seeing locations. Room for 4 per jeep.

Off Road support vehicle service
We are your recovery team. We are your support vehicle. We go with you where you want to go for work or play and we are there to assist in anything you need off road. We completely outfit our vehicle to assist you in your endeavors.

Off Road Taxi Service
We can pack you in to a location and pack you out as a wilderness taxi service. We can escort your group in and out. We offer wildlife mitigation while you are in the wilderness.

Off Road Recovery Service
We provide recovery service if you broke down on the trail we will get you out to the road for tow truck recovery. Also available on a retainer call out basis.

Trail run guide / support team
We organize a trail run and you follow with your group, we support you with everything you need for the day. Can include military type meals ready to eat,water, waste recovery, recovery support service, mechanical repair, wildlife mitigation.

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