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To book an appointment simply email us we will get back to you to work out something that works out for you.

Prices will be increasing in 2015 this is impart due to rising membership costs, fuel costs, maintenance cost, generally following inflation. but with rising costs we will compensate by offering more info and a longer course. 2015 a course will be 4 hours, include a more advanced off road section with basic recovery. prices will be $200 for what is now $120, full day courses will be going up to 800 a day as these usually require 2 staff members. Our courses are still significantly less than all others in the world.

101 Intro to 4wd   200$ discounts available click here

The 101 Course is an introductory 4 hour 1 on 1 course, it is available to all that have a 4WD vehicle other than a jeep JK. One will learn the basic skills to participate in OF4WD or to join a local club run. This course provides education in basic off-road driving techniques, tire types, trail etiquette, and a basic understanding of the ethical, responsible, off road principals depending on season even some recovery. You will have the knowledge and experience to make sound judgment whether you have the skills for the terrain and if your vehicle has the ability for the terrain.This course is suitable for all vehicles with a transfer case low range, or ground gear. Courses are available by appointment please email.

Jeep Wrangler JK Owners    $200 discounts available click here

So you bought a new or new to you Jeep, from your Jeep dealer. Do you want to learn what this utility vehicle offers you. Want to learn what that button is for, or how to properly shift the transfer case, want to know how to fold your top, or change out your top, what are the straps in the glove box for? Do you have questions about your Jeep JK in general, do you want a safe place to learn how to operate your Jeep JK off road. Are you wondering if your Jeep is normal or do you want to know all about it's special features that are engineered into it for your safety and comfort.

You did an on road test drive, are you curious what it can do off road. Think of this as an off road test drive with a learning aspect. Find out why the Jeep JK is the most capable production vehicle ever produced. Did you buy a used Jeep JK and have lots of questions that the non Jeep dealer didn't fill you in on.Plus we will evaluate your vehicle while we instruct let you know if there is a mechanical issue with your jeep.

JK Owners course includes the 101 course with an hour of Jeep JK specific information and education and info incorporated into the course. 4 hour duration

Courses are available by appointment please email.

Refresher Courses with vehicle check and equipment inspection with some recovery after having taken an OTR course $80, season refresher with access to the property. 1.5 hours

Specialty Clinics Are available generally these are 3 hour blocks on courses.

202 Advanced with recovery   $400 for up to 3 people, and 75$ extra per additional persons up to 6 people.

The 202 Course is an advanced skills 7 hour up to 1 on 3 instruction is for OTR clients that have completed the 101 and that have some trail run experience and would like to learn more. At least 4 real life trail runs with groups is a prerequisite, so that one is familiar with scenarios posed. This course provides education in advanced 4WD driving techniques, advanced recovery techniques, advanced Hi-Lift operation, advanced spotting and line visualization techniques and advanced safety and trip planning. As well as trail leading and trail run organization.
People skills and how to deal with non responsible non compliant trail run members. Includes off site trail run.

Jeep JK DIY Assisted Preventative Maintenance. $500 1 on 1
Think of this as a full day at the spa for your jeep.
We instruct you on how to perform maintenance that should be done before winter and after a season of going off road. this is a full top to bottom Spa day for your JK.
Anything that moves or is serviceable gets attention and inspection.
email us for a full list of what is included this would cost you over 1700$ at a dealership. But here it is hands on learning which will save you money, build knowledge, and instill confidence that yes you can do it.

Woman's Intro to 4wd   $200 instruction provided by a female instructor or female ride along witness.

The Women's Clinic is a 4 hour instruction course which provides women an introduction to 4WD driving, and line visualization. Vehicle limits knowledge, skills that will give you confidence and ability. We notice women are better driver's than their counterparts it's not as clouded by ego and testosterone. Women have more thinking and visual problem solving ability as well as more finesse and a excellent ability to follow spotting direction. We encourage all women with a 4WD or have access to a 4WD to take this course.
Woman's clinic is $200 * instruction provided by a female instructor or female witness ride along.

Winter 4wd   $300 Winter 101    $400 Winter 202

The winter 101 is a 4 hour course showing you the same as the summer 101 but all winter and the impact of snow on a trail and how your vehicles off road dynamics change. The relationship of obstacle and momentum and traction.

The 202 Winter Driving Course is a 6 hour, day course designed for OTR past Clients with the 101 summer course wanting to learn more regarding winter travel preparation, winter safety, 4WD vehicle dynamic in varying snow and ice conditions, and 4WD vehicle control. This is great course to become more confident in winter conditions and understanding the impact of varying snow conditions on the trail. Note: Do Not operate you 4WD on marked snowmobile trails when there is snow.

Don't have a 4wd or don't want to use yours
We Offer Rental for Instruction, example $200course, $125 rental, $500 cash damage deposit.
So you don't have a 4wd but you still want to experience the freedom to drive where a car or 2wd can not!
We can rent you a 4wd vehicle, instruct you on the 3 hour - 101 Intro to 4wd, want more we can take you off site for a 1.5 hours of real off site trail run to a place to grab a bite to eat, not your average drive to get some grub.
101 Intro to 4wd $200
4wd Rental fee $125 for up to 5hours instructor supervised.
Cash damage deposit $500
rental on site $125
rental off site $250

A two and three day course also exists with several hundred kms of travel and trail travel.

These include work and employment and employer related requirements.
Advanced skills like; survival, crisis, ethics, etiquette, legal, moral, environmental, wilderness, mechanical systems, how your 4wd works, abs assisted traction, extreme off camber safety.
Pricing depends on composition of of the course, please email your requirements and to request details.

On Trail Vehicle Repair --- Should 4WD training include trail repair instructions? In general - I don't think so! But it is offered as a specialty course.

      Our time is better spent during our 4WD training session to introduce you to lowest impact driving to avoid any damaging stresses on your 4x4 vehicle, rather than showing you how to repair a truck in the field. I call this low impact driving "mechanical sympathy". It prevents break downs. That beats fixing a 4x4 by far.

Simply put - be gentle with your truck! As gentle and careful as you would be with a horse.
Sure, trucks get damaged. But you are either mechanically challenged to fix a vehicle or even if you are experienced, you might not have the needed spare part or left the proper tool in the garage.
There are great stories about ingenious field fixes - but usually carried out by seasoned 4-wheelers with plenty of experience.
The best solution for average 4x4 users is to leave home with a properly serviced and pre-trip inspected vehicle and then apply the mechanical sympathy you'll have learned at OTR. That will almost guarantee a pleasant uneventful adventure trip with a safe return home.
The most common break downs during off-road trips are without exception caused by the driver and are therefore preventable. They are: tire failure, damaged steering gear and broken drive-line components.
However, some clients have a real need for trail repair instructions.
If needed, I do offer detailed lessons of field fixes - and of course my facility is set up with welding gear, air compressors and all necessary tools. Just let me know what your needs are and I'll create a custom curriculum to cover them.

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