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find us on face book.    Review: These guys do it right.  I've been to many tire shops, and REZBOYZ know their stuff. They actually line the tires up and index sidewall stampings to the tire valve, so if the tire spins on the rim, it is easily verified for the reason of having an out of balance tire. Thumbs up.
Customers of REZ BOYZ show your receipt within 3 months of purchase and get 25% off

Ontario trail system.

Ontario Federation of Four Wheel Drive. Members of OF4WD get 25% off all courses, please present membership card at time of payment. that's like 50$ thats almost the cost of your of4wd memebership, now that's incentive

Cobourg Jeep Club on facebook

Local off road clubs, organize a training day with 6 or more vehicles and everyone get 25% off and organizer gets free access contact us for more details.

To get a 25% discount simply print out our contact page take that to your dealer or have them print it. Have the dealership stamp it and sign.
That's good for 25% off.

Dealerships seem to be oblivious to the fact that people want to use there jeeps off road and to it's full capability. With you going in seeking their stamp on our contact page or on a business card you are opening their eyes and making them aware.

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