Off The Road - off the road

The Benefits of OTR
So why attend OTR for that first lesson if you know so much or if you don't know much at all. Well below is a list of why you should spend 3 or more hours training to drive off road.

  1. Valuable training, that will act as due diligence certification to you driving off road with your vehicle.
  2. You will learn a trick or few about your 4wd vehicle.
  3. You will also learn about your impact to the environment and how to minimize that impact.
  4. You will learn vehicle sympathy and to learn what feed back the vehicle is giving you on the trail.
  5. You will gain confidence in yourself and your vehicle in the ability to tackle a up to a level 3 trail.
  6. You will be able to email the owner days months years after your training to ask questions in regards to scenarios and "what to do if" ..consultation service.
  7. You will learn life saving skills that you should observe when out on the trail
  8. You will learn trail etiquette, and how to lead by example.
  9. you will learn the various types of obstacle and how your vehicle handles them
  10. You will learn if your vehicle is up to the challenge or if you are.
  11. You will learn if this could be you and your family's new hobby.
  12. You will get a vehicle assessment while on the trail.
  13. You will also be able to return during the life of your off road adventures for very low rate driver refresher courses, so you get a new vehicle but took the course in the one you traded in, just make an appointment and we will set you up.
  14. Get deals on great parts for your vehicle. We are a home based business we have low low overhead so most parts come with very low install prices.
  15. Assisted Do-it-yourself installs, get all the items you buy installed with help from OTR staff, you wrench you save money, we wrench you help you save money. 
  16. Parts resource analysis and advise.
  17. Repair and troubleshooting assistance
  18. Problem solving test driving and use of course.
  19. Preseason courses and Pre and post trail season course usage
  20. A place to learn safely when you want
  21. We do weekend work on vehicles, we are here to accommodate you as best as possible.
  22. You can attend more advanced courses
  23. We don't judge, we are family oriented. We don't intimidate.
  24. We find solutions that you seek.
  25. We are here to help you, be all you want to be with your vehicle on and off the road.
  26. Great discounts on advanced training,parts,accessories,service.
  27. You get all this and more just by taking that first course.

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