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5+Km of private progressive closed training course  
     Owner and Lead Instructor, Scott, has many hours providing in class and 1on1 in vehicle instruction and evaluation. He has been employed in the transportation industry almost as long as he has held his driver's license. He does have his credentials available for scrutiny, as to why he is qualified to be an off road instructor.

     OTR enjoys instructing in all types of 4WD vehicles and we research your needs before engaging in instruction. OTR has access to the worlds largest organization of professional members with resources and experience in operation of a very large portfolio of vehicles. This means OTR keeps up to date with new technologies and techniques.

      Safety is what Off The Road is ultimately all about, there is a correct way perform a task and there is an incorrect way, don't be fooled, things can go very wrong very fast with simple tasks while operating a vehicle off road, whether they are ignored or overlooked or just forgotten. Planning and practice are the key to safe off road travels.

  • We instruct persons who are curious as to how their vehicle performs.
  • We instruct persons who want to participate in a recreation that they can enjoy with friends and family.
  • We instruct for the purposes due diligence to a work place health and safety program to educate their staff. To operate vehicles in a work environment that takes them off road to complete their assigned tasks successfully and safely. Examples;  mining exploration, utility, forestry,   government are just to list a few.

     Just as much as we instruct, we also learn, we guide and we participate, We have instructed people who know a lot and with experience and they still learn more. We learn from you, we learn from memberships and internet affiliation as well as printed material. We compile, confirm and pass that knowledge on to our clients.

     Most of all we at Off The Road are welcoming to all that have a requirement for this specialty training, we are non judgmental, no pressure, understanding, and we have a desire to share safe, responsible, knowledge of 4wd operation off the road to all that desire the training.

     Off The Road is also certified and registered with Natural Resources Canada as an instructor for the Auto$mart Program. Auto$mart is a fuel saving program that also aims to reduce vehicle emissions.
“Driving in a fuel-efficient manner is an easy choice which Canadians can make that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower their fuel costs,” said Mr. Holder. “Auto$mart teaches new drivers the same fuel-saving techniques that participants are learning during Eco-Run.”
      With more and more trail closures in our back country due to irresponsible 4WD owners tearing up the land, we are committed to providing education and awareness to conquer the destructive stereotype which is associated with exploring the lands with a 4WD vehicle.  We believe the change must come from the inside and we need to take action to provide good habits from the start.  We offer private land for you to practice extreme off roading, mud bogging etc.

For clubs and Organizations
OTR offers clubs a method of ensuring that all new and future members have the basic skills, and level of confidence with a suitable vehicle for participating in club off road events and trail runs.
For clubs and organizations this is the Level 1o1 course with 1 on 1 instruction or group instruction available. This course benefits the club or organization by ensuring all members have the same basic set of skills that becomes the foundation for responsible off road vehicle operation. Also a benefit to clubs as this shows a level and commitment to due diligence a tangible step that signifies efforts are taken to minimize and mitigate liability risks. To current club members this builds confidence within the club, that the guy in front or behind you has at least the basic skills as other members of club.

No More Newbies, You will have skilled membership from their inception.

Off Road driver / operator creedo "as slow as possible, as fast as necessary"

Off The Road 's moto, latin: "docendo discimus" english: "through teaching, we learn"

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Hours: By Appointment Only, Available to meet and serve your needs.

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