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17 May 2015 UPDATE
Off The Road maybe be saved thanks to the many great suggestions from many former clients and ones that hadn't been here yet but hoped to be.

OTR has figured a way to train those who had appointments booked. We are looking forward to honoring those clients with their training dates. Although the training will not occur at OTR's location, we have a legal public use option available. That actually fits our training script. So same training different location.

If you bought parts these are still available.
Assisted DIY install solution is being worked on.

Thank you all for the positive comments and emails texts, suggestions and support. These all re-enforced what I thought, a service like this is needed. This re ignited my spark and to not give up
OTR is limping  we are down but not out.

Notice: 14 May 2015
Off the road will likely be closing for good due to insurance meddling.

To run this business with insurance will cost over $8000 and that's not including my home/property insurance.
As I only profit just over 5000 a summer in parts sales service and training, you can see how this adds up, in the negative.

According to my lawyer a waiver is enough to protect me, especially how I have 2, one for training and one for property and the and all responsible parties from being sued.

According to insurance a waiver means nothing.

As I need insurance on my property and home I must cave to the insurance industry, so that if my home burns down then it is covered, I also need insurance coverage to get a loan against my property.

I wish anyone who thinks that they can do this in the future the best and success with it, as I feel there is a true need for a business and sharing of this knowledge to those who want to learn. As learning mitigates their risk to them, their vehicles, their passengers, others around them, and the environment.

As for the mechanical aspect of it, those who I have built a friendship with I will be happy to work on your jeeps just that I can't charge you for it.

As for those that are in the pipeline to get stuff done, I will hold to my commitment to that even at a loss.

As for those booked for instruction, Sorry you are unfortunately out of luck.

As for those who want to buy stuff yes I can help you still, I will be using my jeep as a store front!

If you were booked and you appointment was cancelled due to OTR's closing, if you or someone with you was injured while off roading this summer, please get a Lawyer and sue the insurance industry! I will give you all the details of where to direct your lawsuit.

I started off the road as a veteran who served his country was injured will serving was not compensated by government because the injury could not be proven to be caused while being a soldier.
So unable to walk for long distances or stand for long periods, I went through many jobs, I even created some and did lots of contract work. To the point of making my injury worse, so my only option was to start a home based business doing something I enjoyed. That was my hobby! Jeeps and teaching and fixing that was my passion. 
Now I have had that stripped away.

The website will be shutting down September 2015

cya on the trails! till that becomes an insurance issue.

If anyone has a solution for this, I sure could use the HELP!

Scott Smith.

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