Off The Road - off the road

We train all types of 4wd vehicles.

Want to learn how to safely handle your 4WD based on real world obstacles safely, in a controlled environment, where risk has been mitigated for the purposes of instruction.

     We offer 4WD operation off road, for pleasure, for work, for adventure. Whether you have just bought your 4WD or have been out with your 4×4 often, our courses will have you in the driver’s seat and enjoying yourself, while learning skills that will help you in your future travels.
     With over 100 various and progressively more challenging obstacles on our closed private safe trail. You will develop confidence in yourself and your 4WD vehicle. While learning relevant and lifesaving theory points. Our trainers are 4WD enthusiasts and focused on keeping you engaged the for the entire time you are here.

     You will learn the different operating systems of your 4WD (What that button does), the importance of trip planning and the correct operation of a 4WD on and off road, including differing terrains, with correct usage of both low and high range.

Courses start at 200$ and and that gets you all the basics you need to start your responsible, educated off road experience. A four (4) hour one(1) on one (1) training session. on five point five (5.5) Kms of closed trail and if time permits you can try it over again on your own, for free, just ask.

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